Oh NOES!!! My drum head broke!

Nothing's worse than going to play your drum . . . . and the head is split!! Or there's a big ole crack in the wood. Or the rope has broken.

What to do?

Totally normal. And it never fails - it will happen when you least expect it. Certainly when you least WANT it to happen.

You CAN repair it yourself . . . if you have about 5+ hrs to spare before waiting another 3-5 days and the right tools to rehead it. Oh, and a bit of oomph to get that rope tight. The right epoxy that matches the wood (and good ventilation). The right color & size rope. . . .

OR we can do it for you and you can relax knowing it's done for you and done right !


Reheading takes 5+ hrs, yes. Then the drum needs to dry for at least 24 hrs before the final pull and tuning. It's also best to leave it with us a few more days so we can play & re-tune as the skin settles in. Otherwise you'll be looking to tune the drum after playing just a few hours.

Repair Pricing. You ship it to us. We'll ship it back to US address FREE!!

Basic Rehead

Clean and oil drum, rehead with flap, no flap, or twist, using the same rope.

(What the heck is a flap,?? Click HERE to find out the difference between the 3 choices.)

$175.00 + Shipping to Us

New Rope, Please!

Sweet!! Color choices!!

In addition to Basic Rehead and dependent on drum size

$25.00 - $35.00

ACK! Fix the crack!
Super-strong epoxy
If the crack shows on the outside, we'll sand and match the patch to the wood color.
$25.00 inside
$35.00 outside

SUPER-COOL You get photo updates, and we'll always let you know if there's anything you should know about your drum's health.

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